5 Horror Movies To Watch On Your Own (Or Not)

Sometimes it’s nice just to sit and relax in your own company, pop some popcorn, break out that Ben & Jerrys you’ve been saving, ‘Netflix and chill’ as it were. If, like myself, you’re always in the mood for a good horror, here’s my top 5 to watch on those lonesome nights when you can turn the lights out and curl up in a nice warm blanket.

As there are hundreds of movies worthy of this list, these are just five of many that are enjoyable to watch on a lazy day.

5. The Witch (2015)
A recently released horror film set in the 1630’s, featuring break out star Anya Taylor-Joy. Subtle but compelling, The Witch sees a family of six leave their settlement and begin life in a secluded farm on the edge of a forest. The idea of witches within the forest is strengthened with the disappearance of their newborn baby, and throughout the viewer questions whether said witches are real, or if the religiously strong parents are descending into madness. With beautiful imagery and intense acting, there is no way of knowing the full truth until the final act of the movie. Recieving mixed reviews, some are not a fan of the slow build up and absence of jump scares that we are used to in mainstream horror, therefore stating that the film is more boring than scary. The Witch is definitely more of a ‘settle down and immerse yourself’ kind of film, rather than a ‘gather your friends for a movie night’ one.

4. Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
Ever a classic, James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein stands the test of time, being considered possibly better than it’s predecessor Frankenstein (1931). With always amazing costuming, the bride sporting her bushy black hair with electric white streaks on either side has become iconic to the film. For anyone with a strong emotional sensibility to them, there are scenes throughout that bring out the sympathy you feel for this once aggressive monster, as he learns a sense of friendship and companionship with the occasional character.

3. Lights Out (2016)
Getting into the more modern supernatural era with this creepy horror based on a YouTube short film. As humans we crave light, and an entity that can only appear when the lights are turned out takes viewers back to their primal fears of darkness. The occasional jump scare is not over used – being effective in keeping you on the edge of your seat, whilst not being something the film falls back on to keep you scared. With good acting and interesting characters, you want the protagonists to succeed in defeating the creature, alongside fixing broken relationships that are shown throughout the film. Whilst some have criticized the strong links to depression depicted in the movie, which is understandable considering the impact of the ending scenes, if you are looking for something creepy and supernatural, Lights Out isn’t half bad.

2. The Descent (2005)
Being about 10/11 years old when this was released it was one of the first more scary and/or bloody type of horror film that I had been introduced to. The story follows six women entering a labrynth of underground caves, and expecting to be in one of the more popular caving sites they are in for a shock when their friend informs them they are in unexplored terratory. Facing the unknown, claustrophobia soon sets in, as they eventually get lost and trapped following a cave in. This terrifying situation could drive any person insane, and just as you think that’s the worst it can get for the protagonists, suddenly, it turns out that they are not alone. With no forseeable way out and trapped underground with unknowable amounts of flesh eating creatures, The Descent is an intense scare fest that drives you forcefully through to the films climax, with scenes of blood, gore, and surprising emotional twists.

1. Cabin In The Woods (2012)
Joss Whedon’s horror comedy masterpiece is a fun for all, exciting new twist on the horror genre. Cleverly taking different genre tropes and turning them into a modern version of every ‘cabin in the woods’ film created, the plot typically follows five friends who go on holiday to a cabin in the woods. Using five different character stereotypes within a stereotypical horror setting, when reading the initial plot of the movie one would think it to be just another same old. But all is not as it seems. With comedic value and engaging characters you root for all the friends as they set in motion a deadly series of events with an ending impossible to predict. You can watch this on your own or with a group of friends/family, this film is for all people to just have fun and enjoy!

There we go, 5 films to watch by yourself (or not). There are many more out there but these are five that come to mind when looking for an entertaining night ahead.


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