Hush – Review

It’s currently 4:45am, and having just finished Hush on Netflix I feel it’s appropriate to write a quick review. SPOILERS.

Set in a quaint house in the woods (the ideal home invasion set up), deaf protagonist Maddie lives alone and isolated except from the couple down the road. Seemingly taking inspiration from The Strangers, a masked intruder arrives and promptly kills the neighbor, inadvertently discovering Maddie’s lack of hearing whilst she is shouting for help. This seems to interest him, as he toys with her going in and out of her house as he pleases instead of outright killing her. After stealing her phone and alerting her of his presence, what follows is an intense game of cat and mouse, although no one seems to distictly have the upper hand.

The lack of dialogue contributes to the tense atmosphere, and more than once you are sat waiting for the jump scare that never comes. With an interesting premise but not one we haven’t seen before, Hush provides the same level of interest throughout the film. The reveal of the killer so early on is underwhelming, but also slightly refreshing to deviate from the path of a masked killer in so many previous films.

Many questions the viewer may have are not answered, leaving a slight amount of frustration and googling of other reviews. The reasons behind the attack or any background to the man aren’t revealed, but we still get a decent ending with a satisfying amount of uncertainty building up to the climax.


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