The Autopsy of Jane Doe – review

Knowing this particular movie was being released in my local cinema for one night only, I refrained from watching the full thing online, so as to see it within the full cinematic experience. A well enough decision, as I feel this film will have made more of an impact on the big screen with it’s visuals.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a subject matter we haven’t seen a lot of, especially in more modern horrors. Going into this film I had no idea what it was actually about (apart from the autopsy of an unidentified woman, obviously), and to be honest I came out of it feeling almost the exact same. With some creepy atmospheric moments, the same old predictability of horrors is present, but with the plot being one I haven’t seen before.

As someone currently applying for their MSc, the actual autopsy and disection that begins the film was extremely interesting to watch, although frustrating when the characters don’t catch on to something that an actual coroner/pathologist would. As it moves into more of a supernatural realm there are questions raised that are only partially answered. The Who, What and Why aspects are attempted to be covered, but only briefly and without much substance, giving the feeling that the writers wanted to create film in a rather creepy setting that hadn’t been done before and thought about the details later. Maybe that’s just me though, asking too many questions and unsatisfied with being given just the basics as answers.

If you are easily scared, then this one might get you, but for others the occasional jump scares and suspenseful scenes will be some you have experienced before.


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