Not Your Average Accessories

Sometimes you gotta just treat yo' self, right? This list compiles my favourite independent accessory stores for the unique individual, whether it's jewellery, bags or just room decor, there's something different for all you weirdos out there looking for anything out of the ordinary. UndeadTeds These individually made undead teddy bears are all creatively fashioned... Continue Reading →


Top Horror/Thriller Movies of 2017!

2017 has been an interesting year for films, some fantastic and some insanely awful. The same as any other year, really. As usual there have been a plethora amount of horror movies released, spread out throughout the year. From personal experience, I find the box office usually soars with the horror genre, as they are... Continue Reading →

Before I Wake Review

As I clicked on this Netflix original, for some reason I was under the impression that it was a series, not a film. After realising, I understood more about how the story would work. The plotline surrounds a child who's dreams come to life, and unfortunately for those around him, his nightmares aren't excluded. An... Continue Reading →


The Autopsy of Jane Doe – review

Knowing this particular movie was being released in my local cinema for one night only, I refrained from watching the full thing online, so as to see it within the full cinematic experience. A well enough decision, as I feel this film will have made more of an impact on the big screen with it's... Continue Reading →


Top Weird and Wonderfully Creepy Artists to Follow

1. Chad Wehrle I love Chad Wehrle's work, every drawing beautifully created dark and different.       2. Shawn Coss Clearly a lot of effort goes into the making of each work piece, especially with the framing and colour co-ordination for exhibitions!      3. Dustin Bailard A painter with an... Continue Reading →


Hush – Review

It's currently 4:45am, and having just finished Hush on Netflix I feel it's appropriate to write a quick review. SPOILERS. Set in a quaint house in the woods (the ideal home invasion set up), deaf protagonist Maddie lives alone and isolated except from the couple down the road. Seemingly taking inspiration from The Strangers, a... Continue Reading →


5 Horror Movies To Watch On Your Own (Or Not)

Sometimes it's nice just to sit and relax in your own company, pop some popcorn, break out that Ben & Jerrys you've been saving, 'Netflix and chill' as it were. If, like myself, you're always in the mood for a good horror, here's my top 5 to watch on those lonesome nights when you can... Continue Reading →


What We Do In The Shadows – Review

Scrolling through Netflix there are a variety of films in the 'horror' genre, the majority of which are most likely to be unheard of by the average viewer. Being too lazy to wildy click X on the pop up adds that occur when watching a film online, I tend to make do with whatever I... Continue Reading →


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